Five little secrets of Rome’s most famous sites you probably don’t know

Rome is one of the most famous and beautiful city in the world. It can surprise everyone, thanks to its history, art and unique places. But are you sure you know every little secret of its most visited monuments? Here you find five fun facts about the Eternal City.

  • Colosseum

It’s the symbol of the city, the breathtaking proof of the greatness of Ancient Rome. Once upon a time it was covered by marble, which was used to build the Saint Peter’s Basilica and other important buildings. The missing part, which gives it its  asymmetric profile, was destroyed by an eartquake in 851 a.c.


  • Piazza Navona

In Ancient Rome this amazing place was a oval-shaped stadium, built by the Emperor Domitian. It’s still possible to visit the ruins of the old structure. Sometimes ancient Romans would even flood the stadium and hold naval battles there: maybe that’s why now it’s called “Navona”, which means “big ship”.

  • Pantheon

The most captivating part of the Pantheon- it used to be a pagan temple, then transformed into a church- is its dome, with the hole, called oculus, in the top. Roman engineers built the dome lightening it as much as possible; its special structure doesn’t allow the rain to fall inside frequently. If it happens, the floor is slanted and drains the water.


  • Campo De’Fiori

Now it’s a delicious square, with reasturants and shops. But during the XVII century, executions used to be held publicly here. The famous philosophy Giordano Bruno was burnt alive in this place: that’s why now we find a monument dedicated to him.

  • Trevi Fountain

According to the legend, you have to throw  a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder to return to Rome. Almost every tourist who visits the fountain does it. But what happens to all the coins into the fountain? They are collected by Caritas, a Roman Catholic charity, to fund projects for poor people.



Unforgettable Rome: the perfect romantic weekend

Two days in Rome: it’s not an ordinary holiday, but it’s your perfect romantic escape. Two hearts and a mission: spend some time in the Eternal City for what will be remembered as one of the most beautiful trip of your life.

Ambitious? Not really…

Campo De'Fiori (Photo credit: @giuliaravaioli-Instagram)

Campo De’Fiori (Photo credit: @giuliaravaioli-Instagram)


Breakfast at Roscioli Caffé, close to Largo di Torre Argentina: a nice cappuccino and a ‘cornetto’ (a croissant) to start your lovely first day in Rome. Campo De’Fiori, which is just at the end of the street, welcomes you to its colorful and peculiar market. Piazza Navona is a 5-minute walk: it’s such a beautiful square that you won’t stop kissing! And if you suddenly feel hungry, you only have to choose: Piazza Navona is surrounded by many restaurants and bars. In the afternoon, the Pantheon, and then Trevi Fountain, are the right choice to continue your day with beauty, before spending the night in the Monti neighborhood: nice restaurants and bars and a magic (and authentic) atmosphere. 

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona


Rome is in your hands: your second day starts at Colosseum, the place where, holding each other’s hands, your love will become eternal. From that point, you can go shopping at via del Corso, full of shops, passing through the Spanish Steps. Otherwise you can take the tram no.8 to Trastevere neighborhood, where you can eat, have a walk and experience Roman life. And if love makes you hungry, you can go to Osteria da Zi Umberto for a real Roman lunch (or dinner). So many things to see, so many feelings to keep in your hearts…Try to close your weekend looking at each other under the moonlight, in front of Castel Sant’AngeloYour wedding is just around the corner!

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo