Getting Around in Rome

If you happen to have your accomodation right in the city center the only thing to figure out is how to get around and see the most possible during your stay in the Eternal City.

peckhepWe are for exploring and experiencing rather than simple “seeing around”. There’s so much to discover and why not to make a discover out of the journeys from one sight to another? There are so many ways to enjoy the Roman atmosphere, one of them is being part of the everyday life, feeling the beat, like choosing transportation and a getaround mode that connects to the exploration of the city and – why not? – reflects your personality. Here’s the base – you give the rhythm and the pace.

Rome’s treasures are spread around on an extensive area – in and outside the Aurelian Walls. Of course the core – the city center is well connected and concentrated so you can walk everywhere, but even so, definitely can save time to use the public transportation. The public transportation is operated by  the company ATAC, it has official apps which are very useful when around the city either to plan the routes and find buses, or check their arrival time! About tickets, prices, and always updated further info check here.

(Talking about apps, this one is also offline, developed by University of Sapienza, a handy guide around Rome with GPS based tracking system, and more than 25hour content!)
In offline mode, can be very handy to have a map with all the bus-tram-metro lines and stops. Here’s one with high resolution graphic.
Beside public transportation there are also open bus tours, double decker buses with hop on – hop off possibility, which can also be a smart way for sightseeing.

Safety warning: tourist-preferred bus lines and metro stops will be crowded and busy, always be very careful and keep an eye on your belongings!

On foot – may not only mean walking. Some companies recently offer running tours which is a great possibility to combine exercise and sightseeing. It’s a special way to visit the attractions – a nice run in a fresh spring morning with a small group… then breakfast at the Pantheon, just perfect!


15051395628_c105bf7760_zIf your fitness level is good enough you can also choose to get around by bike. There are many bike rentals in the city, some of which offer also electric bikes – even easier to keep up!
Bike rides can be fun and even an all day program if you choose to adventure outside the city center. Choose the Appian Way with friends or family by bike on a sunny day!

BeTreasure tip: In the beautiful Villa Borghese park you also can get around by bike rickshaws – a fun way to explore the green heart of the city. We assure you with kids it will be a memorable and fun experience!


vesp 3As well as bike rentals you will find scooter rentals around Rome. What better way to be like Gregory Peck or the divine Audrey? 🙂
Though you better keep your helmet on!
Scooters can enter the limited traffic area ZTL – basically the entire historical center – but cannot use bus tracks.
We love Bici & Baci

BeTreasure tip: An eco-friendly ride if in couple or in close group the electric APE tours. It’s an eclusive retro and cheerful way to get around, we had a classic (not electric) APE ourselves and it’s a really unique experience either to drive it or to be a passenger. This vehicle is icon of a lifestyle, a real testimony of the Italian Dolce Vita and the Sixties!


WP_20131207_008botticelle_02Pricey but romantic, different and unique transportation is the horse-drawn carriage. Once in a lifetime? Maybe on your bucket list? Rome by night, half day tours… really a lot of choices for a special way of sightseeing.


segAnd last but not least, the eco-friendly electric urban mobility “vehicle” which saves you time, cool and fun, not walking and not driving… the perfect mix of technology and slow tourism. You can choose the segway tours to see around the Eternal City even without dressing like a gladiator.

Let us know which way to get around you prefer or if there’s anything we’ve missed, we’d love to hear your choice!