Discovering Rome: Villa Torlonia

A gorgeous villa which hosts wonderful buildings surronded by English-style gardens. A nice and peaceful place where you can find culture, history and relax: Villa Torlonia is one of the most famous (and beautiful!) parks in Rome, not so far from Piazza Bologna.

Villa Torlonia TreasureRome

The name of the Villa comes from Giovanni Torlonia, who purchased it from the Colonna Family. He asked the famous architect and designer Giuseppe Valadier to expand it at the beginning of the 19th Century. Year after year, the Torlonia family embellished the Villa and its buildings. It was given as a residence to Mussolini and then abandoned for a while after 1945, until the restoration works allowed it to be opened to the public.

Now there are a theatre, a techno-scientific play-center and two museums: Casino Nobile, which is the main building of Villa Torlonia, and Casina delle Civette. Casino dei Principi, a few steps away from Casino Nobile, is open during temporary exhibitions.

Casino nobile villa Torlonia TreasureRome

Casino Nobile

Casino Nobile has two exhibit floors and a basement with a shelter and a bunker, created by Mussolini, which can be visited if reservations are made in advance.

casina civette villa Torlonia TreasureRome

Casina delle Civette

Casina delle Civette has marvellous staineed glass windows: its name- “The House of the Owls”- comes from the use of owls as a decorative theme. It is definetely worth a visit: it is really nice and unique.

Not only culture, but also fun and outdoor activities. You can take a walk, read a book or have a coffee a the Limonaia, the restaurant- coffee Shop which is inside the park.

Don’t forget to add Villa Torlonia to your “to-do” list continue dreaming in Rome.