Day Trips From Rome: Cerveteri and Ladispoli

A pretty town about 40 kilometers from Rome, that you can reach by bus or by train. A medieval center to explore by foot, discovering all its characteristic alleys. But Cerveteri is also famous for The National Archaeological Museum and its amazing Necropolis, a precious archaelogical site to find Etruscan ruins. The Banditaccia Necropolis is one of the World Heritage Sites in Italy and the most impressive in the Mediterranean world.

Day trip from Rome

Here you can visit well-preserved monumental tombs and find out more about Etruscan traditions and customs. A unique experience, combining archaeological finds with a luxuriant nature. A small journey into the history that has characterized this area and another opportunity to enrich your holiday in Rome from an artistic and cultural point of view.

Day trip from Rome

But Cerveteri also has another peculiarity. It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and so it is a perfect place to visit even in Summer. From here you can reach famous seaside places, often visited by Romans, such as Marina di Cerveteri, Ladispoli, Santa Severa and Santa Marinella. The beaches of black sand – a coloration given by the large quantities of various iron minerals – offer the possibility of relax and fun, thanks to the numerous bars, restaurants and bars present along the coast but also to facilities that allow you to practice some sports water.

The view from the center of Cerveteri

Ladispoli, in particular, is famous for the Roman artichoke: an excellence of this area that is celebrated with a festival in the month of April. Thanks to its splendid views, Ladispoli has also been used as a film set in several Italian films.

Spending a day in these places means discovering another aspect of the Roman territory. Equally fascinating but less chaotic,where you can enjoy an authentic and genuine city life.


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Bomarzo: A Visit To The Park Of Monsters

Once upon a time a beautiful wood, full of trees and plants, was turned into a scary and mysterious place. Monsters, dragons and strange fountains emerged from the ground and the legend says that they had the power to make people disappear…

The Park of Monsters Bomarzo Treasu

Don’t worry, that’s not true. This is what our imagination created about the Park of Monsters, also known as Villa of Marvels or Sacred Wood, a place that really exists. It is located in the village of Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo. It’s at about one hour by car from Rome, but it seems to be a world apart.

It was the 1552 and the Prince Vinicio Orsini, together with the architect Pirro Ligorio, decided to animate this wood with bizzarre sculptures: monsters, exotic animals, mythological figures, a funerary temple, fountains and obelisks. The Park of Monsters remained in oblivion until 1954 when Giovanni Bettini bought it and everything came back to life again.

Park of Monsters TreasureRome

The Sacred Wood is a kind of labyrinth which almost envelops its visitors. It is a unique place, where fear and beauty go hand in hand. Now there are a total of 24 strange sculptures to be admired, including the stunning “Hanging House”.

It is not so big, but it’s a nice surprise because different from any other park you may know. There is a strange atmosphere and it is super interesting for both adults and kids. You only have to let your fantasy go wild!

The park of Monsters is open every day of the year and it is definitely worth a visit. Details on tickets and opening times can be checked at the Sacro Bosco website.