5 Ways To Enjoy Rome In August

August in Rome means warm, less chaos and many events not to be missed. The city is not overcrowded, because many Romans leave for their Summer holidays, and this makes it quieter and even more pleasant to travel far and wide.
Summer is at its peak: so why don’t you enjoy it from an wonderful point of view? Here are the 5 things to do in Rome in August, that you must try!

Lungo il Tevere…Roma

This is the Summer appointment par excellence. “Lungo il Tevere Roma” becomes one of the busiest places in the city. Many kinds of restaurants, bars and pubs one after the other, which can satisfy every need. But there’s something more: until September there are different events such as theater performances, open-air cinema, live performances and cultural exhibitions. How about spending a few hours in the cheerful company of Roman nightlife?

Beaches and sea

Rome has an enviable position, because it allows you to easily reach towns on the sea. You’ll be spoilt for choice among Ostia, Fregene, Ladispoli, Anzio, Nettuno… You just have to choose, to enjoy the sea and the good weather, but also some delicious seafood recipe.
ostia giuliano.col

Ostia (Credits @giuliano.col-Instagram)

The “Castelli Romani”

After exploring the most famous monuments in the world, you can take a day trip out of the city. Direction? The Castelli Romani. In fact, just a few kilometers from the Eternal city there are some very characteristic small towns, which have a lot to offer (as well as a little shelter from the heat!) Ariccia, Frascati, Castelgandolfo, with its swimming lake: places to discover, especially during the Summer.
Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo

Outdoor venues

From June to September, many clubs in Rome move outdoors: is there a better way to enjoy a dinner or a drink while surronding by breathtaking views? Those who love dancing and live music will find evenings and events for all tastes. With an unusual aspect: probably with less crowd!
estate romana labnoon

(Credits @labnoon-Instagram)

“Viaggio nei Fori”

Music, special effects and a wonderful location for a really magical event. the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar are illuminated to accompany the spectators in the life of Ancient Rome. Viaggio nei Fori is a show that will make your holidays in the Eternal City even more unforgettable. And the August evenings are perfect for enjoying this journey.
viaggio_nei Fori FB

Viaggio nei Fori (Facebook page)

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Discovering the ancient Rome’s seaport: Ostia

Nice beaches, a famous archaeological site and a lot of restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. If you are wondering where to go to the beach when in Rome, here you find the answer: Ostia is a large neighborhood which used to be the ancient port of the Eternal City. It is approximately 30 kilometres to the northeast, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ostia seaside (redits: @allofme_m)

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, so Ostia becomes a great place to discover. Not only can you organize a visit to the stunning archeological area of Ostia Antica, but you can also spend a day sunbathing and having fun.

Ostia Antica archaeological site

Locals use to hang out here, because Ostia is really close to the city: there is the regional Rome-Lido railway line which connects it to the centre of Rome.

Credits: @tellastory1967

There are many nice establisments in the so-called “Lido di Ostia”, where you can eat fresh fish or simply have something to drink while enjoying a very beautiful view. During the Summer they attract a lot of people, because they turn into the heart of the Roman nightlife.

Credits: @damasquin

Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate Rome from a different point of view during your holiday: the one that makes it the perfect place to visit even in the hot summertime!

Summer heat? Go to the beach! The best ones near Rome revealed

Rome can be really hot in July and August. But don’t panic: the Eternal City  is also near to many beautiful beaches that you can’t miss. You can reach them by bus, by train or by car.

Ready to discover the best ones with us?


The best-known beach in this beautiful city is called “Grotte di Nerone” because it is dominated by the ruins of the famous Roman emperor’s villa. Nero used to spend his holidays there. The water is clean and you can also sunbathe looking at a piece of history. During the night the amazing historical center of Nettuno (which is very close to Anzio)  will give you nice moments of pleasure: it is full of reasturants, bars and pubs.


We are sure you have already heard about Sabaudia. Wide beaches, very clean water, cool bars? Yes, that’s it! It is a very famous place because a lot of Italian celebrities go there for their holidays. From this wonderful (and long) beach you can also see the Circe’s Mountain. Probably one of the most beautiful place in the Lazio region. It takes one hour and a half by car to get there, but it is completely worth it.




It’s the nearest beach to Rome: even it’s not the nicest one, it has at least two qualities. You can visit the archeological site of Ostia Antica before going to the beach and there are a lot of lovely bars and restaurants on the seafront. Maybe there’s nothing compares to a frozen beer while loooking at the sea. Just try!

Ostia Beach (Photo credit: atreboroby-Instagram)

Ostia Beach (Photo credit: atreboroby-Instagram)


It’s a bit farther than Ostia, but don’t care about the distance, because it is also the coolest place of this area. It’s easy to understand why: the Roman movida is always here. At the Singita Miracle Beach you can experience real ‘Summer parties’ and live unforgivable moments. Sun, relax and fun: what else?

Fregene Beach (Photo credit: givirebel-Instagram),

Fregene Beach (Photo credit: givirebel-Instagram),

Your stay in Rome from another point of view. You’ll love it even more.