Tips For Planning The Perfect Vacation In Rome

Are you planning your vacation in Italy? Or are you just thinking about taking a break from your daily routine? Rome is always a good idea: it’s a city that can offer you beauty, history and a lot of things to do. Don’t you know where to start? We have some tips for you!

First of all, choose your dates of travel, book your flight anche check our website for the available holiday apartments. Then start planning your perfect vacation in Rome.

Tips for your vacation in RomeRome has two main airports: here you find everything you need to know.

You must visit all the most famous monuments and places you’ve been always told about, like the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo. You can check this post and learn how to buy tickets for buses, metro ans trains.

But Rome has hidden gems too, which are worth a visit, like Passetto del Biscione and the Little London, as well as amazing parks like Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia and Villa Ada.

If you stay more than a weekend, you can also plan a day trip from the city: there are a lot of opportunities like Calcata, the Bracciano Lake, Ostia Antica and Bomarzo, for example.

Ostia Antica archaeological site

Rome is full of amazing stories: have you ever heard about its talking statues? You can meet them visiting the Eternal City!

If you don’t want to look like a tourist due to your eating habits, you can follow these suggestions. Also check the things you must experience in Rome at least once in your life and, on the other hand, what you don’t have to do.

You are almost ready for your unforgettable holiday in Rome: dont’ forget to carry with you that strong desire to know another country in all its aspects. And prepare your stomach: the street food of Rome is delicious, but you need to try its traditional cuisine as well.

Pack your bags, Rome is wating for you!



All about Carnival in Rome

One of the most popular festivities in the world, loved both by adults and children. It’s the Carnival, the period of festivities between the Epiphany and the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, which has its climax between Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday (this year on February 8th and 11th respectively).

This festivity, celebrated between sacred and  profane, has a really special tradition: that of wearing masks in an atmosphere of cheerfulness and lightheartedness.

Many events will be organized for the Carnival in Rome and you’ll also have the chance to taste the delicious “fried Carnival pastries“.

Carnival in Rome, the fried pastries

You know that the magical atmosphere of the Carnival is here when frappe and castagnole make their appearance in the bakeries in Rome.

carnival in rome

The first ones have a rectangular shape, they are fragrant and crunchy, made by frying the dough (but there are also those who prepare them in the oven, for a lighter result ) and then enriched with powdered sugar or dark chocolate. While the castagnole are balls of pasta, always fried in boiling oil, which are also prepared in other variants (for example with chocolate, coffee, pistachio). These pastries are common in other areas of Italy: the ‘frappe’ are also called in other ways (like ‘chiacchiere’ or ‘cenci’).

Carnival in Rome, the events

Masquerade parties, fashion shows, events and concerts: there are several occasions to celebrate the Carnival in Rome. Parades and parties for children have been organized in different neghborhoods of the city and in its surroundings, while in discos and clubs you can enjoy masquerade balls. There is obviously no lack of initiatives for the little ones such as, for example, the special activities at the Bioparco of Rome. For all the events in Rome you can check this link.

carnival rome


If you want to celebrate Carnival even outside Rome,  you can choose among the most famous festivals in Italy like the ones that will take place in Venice, Ivrea and Viareggio. Have a look at this link!

4 Tips to avoid the tourist crowds in Rome

Rome has a lot to offer so, first of all, be sure to take time to enjoy “La dolce vita” . There are several experiences to choose from during a holiday in the Eternal City but, especially in some periods, the main attractions can be crowded and stormed by tourists. You can visit  Rome with more tranquility and live it like a Roman for a few days anyway: here are our 4 tips.

4 Tips to avoid the tourist crowd in Rome

Get up early in the morning (or go to sleep late)

The city gradually wakes up and usually the main monuments – such as the Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, the Colosseum – are almost deserted in the early hours of the morning and are even more fascinating. So there are two options: either get up very early, or go to bed very late. Better avoid the central hours of the day if you want to visit the most popular sites.

Plan your visits

Organizing visits to museums and archeological sites in advance is always a good idea. In order to avoid long lines, buy a ticket online. While booking a private tour is also a good way to enjoy the sights to the fullest.

4 Tips to avoid the tourist crowd in Rome

Get lost in alleys and streets

Walking is the best option to discover little-known corners of the city and avoid public transport during peak hours, when they might be more crowded (in the morning around 8-9 am and in the afternoon around 6-7 pm). Walking without a destination, as well as exciting, also gives the opportunity to see Rome in its most authentic features.

Choose restaurants far from tourist spots

The traditional Roman cuisine is a real delight, this is a fact, but Rome offers many other types of cuisine and flavors. So escape big chains or restaurants with tourist menus and go discover the restaurants, pubs and clubs frequented by Romans: your palate will thank you!

Sometimes you only need to follow simple tips to avoid the tourist crowds in Rome and have the opportunity to see how a European capital still manages to preserve authentic and genuine places and traditions.

5 reasons NOT to visit Rome

Are you planning your next holidays in Rome, because the Eternal City still lacks your personal list of European capitals to visit absolutely? Or has it been recommended by friends and relatives and you have decided to finally follow their suggestion?

Rome is certainly a fascinating city, but it is not suitable for everyone …These are the 5 reasons NOT to visit Rome.

There are too many monuments

How many times have you heard about the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum,  the Imperial Forums? And they are certainly not the only places you can’t miss in your first visit to the Eternal City. There are also Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Venezia, Largo Argentina, the Jewish Ghetto, Piazza del Popolo and the Pincio, San Pietro and Castel Sant’Angelo … It’s a little too much, isn’t it?


You risk getting fat

The dishes of traditional Roman cuisine are known because they are delicious, but certainly not saved in calories. Spaghetti alla carbonara, bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti cacio e pepe, coda alla vaccinara and saltimbocca alla romana. Better avoid the numerous trattorias of the city or its starred restaurants if you are following a diet.

Street food is not as you expect it

It’s street food, but forget hot dogs or fries. In Rome you can try supplì- stuffed with rice, tomatoes and mozzarella- pizza slices, white pizza with mortadella, sandwiches with pork. Not really what you can imagine..

It rarely snows. What winter is that?

Those who love snow and cold will most likely be disappointed by Rome. In fact it rarely snows and even if the temperature some days reaches 4 or 5 degrees, the sky is often blue and offers unforgettable sunsets. In order to ski or enjoy whitewashed landscapes, you have to travel about 100 kilometers, in the nearby Abruzzo.

Too many temptations for shopping

Via del Corso, via Condotti, via del Babuino and via Frattina are really popular because they host dozens of shops of all kinds: clothing, accessories, jewelry, perfumeries, craft shops … How do you resist? Stay away to avoid falling into temptation!

Photo credit: @lau.versari-Instagram)

Renouncing Rome might be a good idea if at least 3 of these reasons affect you. Still unsure whether to book your trip or not? We’ll soon provide another list!

New Year’s Eve 2018 in Rome: our guide

24 hours of events from 31 December until 1 January, parties and shows in the city’s theaters and clubs will transform the New Year’s Eve in Rome into a wonderful experience. There are a lot of opportunities to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 surrounded by a unique scenario: the historical center of the Eternal City.

The “Festa di Roma”

Free show, concerts, screenings, circus art and different dj sets in various outdoor venues, from 21.30 on 31 December 2017 until the same time on 1 January 2018. About 1000 artists from all over the world and over 100 performances for 24 hours: these are the numbers of the free event called La Festa di Roma, organized by the City. It will involve a pedestrian area of ​​the city that goes from Piazza Emporio to Ponte Garibaldi, passing through the Giardino degli Aranci and Circus Maximus, up to the famous Bocca della Verità.

The event starts with the international show “201∞- Roma illumina l’infinito” in the great Circus Maximus on sunday 31 December, where the protagonists will be the artists of La Fura dels Baus, a mythological self-propelled giant marionette, the music of a local Radio as well as several guests, who will alternate on stage. The party then continues with other performances and shows from the early hours of the morning until the night of 1 January: performances will take place in 3 main areas.

A series of cultural events have been planned between 3 and 7 am, waiting for the first sunrise of 2018. Teatro India will host dj sets, film screenings and some performances until dawn; Danilo Rea, one of the world’s most famous jazz pianists, is the guest star at 7 am on the Ponte della Scienza, close to the Gazometro in Ostiense neighborhood. On the first day of the new year, from 10 to 16, various initiatives for children and families have also been planned.
The concert of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, in Piazza della Bocca della Verità, is the very last show. Don’t forget to check for public transport service of this website.

Clubs and restaurants

If you prefer celebrating the New Year’s Eve dancing, you can choose from many pubs in the center of Rome or night clubs in many areas of the city like Lanificio, Shari Vari, Micca and Room 26. Otherwise you can opt for the Gospel concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica or look for a special dinner, called “veglione” in Italian, in one of the many restaurants of Rome. They often organize an abundant meal- with cotechino sausage and lentils at the end, as tradition requires- together with music and shows.

(Photo credit: @benfrolaz-Instagram)

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Rome is a trip into happiness and beauty.
We wish you a 2018 full of passion, love and luck!

Save the School Exhibition in Rome, a dream come true

Black Friday is now just 2 days away, however what we focus on are not discounts and promotions, but our awesome “Save the school Exhibition” (in Italian “Sogni a colori”). We have believed in this project and now (almost) everything is ready for the opening. The exhibition will be hosted at Medina Roma from 24 November through 7 December.

Sogni a colori la mostra 2

The Exhibition

“Save The school Exhibition in Rome” will bring together twenty paintings created by children living in extreme poverty in the remote areas of Hungary, mentored by the Real Pearl Foundation. They are great canvases, created with passion by these children who are fighting to build a better future.

We’d like to raise awereness of the international community about the problems these children are facing as well as to promote the fundraising for educational activities of the 2017-2018 school year, for which the Real Pearl Foundation has not received the expected statal funds.

Moreover, we would like to promote change through art and education, and fight the vicious circle of indigence and criminality which can unfortunately afflict them. These families often live in homes without window fixtures, electricity or heating; children are ghettoized at school and their existence seems to be marked by a destiny common to all their family members. School segregation is in fact a phenomenon in many European countries, which the Council of Europe is trying to combat by inviting Member States to work in favor of inclusive education.

The Foundation

The Real Pearl Foundation is a Hungarian non-governmental organisation with the mission to develop the communities. They have been working on the challenges of integration and development since 1999. They provide elementary art education in 6 towns reaching 23 villages for a total 670 children of which 70% is underprivileged, 250 children come from deep poverty.

real pearl bimbi

Help us!

This exhibition has been achieved thanks to the fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform and the cooperation of Lauren Lombardo, artist and promoter of “Paint & Wine” events.

If you want to help us, you can do one (or more) of these things:

Mona Lisa Paint Party Benefit, for adults

Christmas Painting Party Benefit, for children

Give yourself  a fabulous present for Christmas, help these children believe that improvement and change are possible.

sogni a colori 8



How To Spend A Rainy Day In Rome

Rome has a pretty mild climate and it’s gorgeous in every season. But sometimes you can encounter bad weather and rain. This is not a problem, because there are plenty of great things in the Eternal City to see and visit on rainy days. Find them out!

  • Museums

Visit a museum! Even if it’s raining, you stay dry and warm, spending a lovely time discovering masterpieces. You are spoiled for choice, because Rome has many interesting museums. If you’d like to learn something about the Roman history, you can go to the Capitoline Museums. If you prefer contemporary art, there’s the Maxxi Museum or the Galleria Nazionale for Modern Art. Otherwise, if you are lucky, you have already purchased tickets for the Vatican Museums or the Borghese Gallery.

The Borghese Gallery

  • Pantheon

This is one of the best places to go on a rainy day in Rome. You can witness drops of rain entering the famous oculus at the top of the dome and then magically draining away: they don’t get the marble floor soaking wet. Now the Patheon is free, but visitors will have to pay to enter it by early next year.

  • Churches

Head to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, which is one of the most beautiful churches in the Eternal City, or to Santa Maria di Montesano and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, “the twin churches” in Piazza del Popolo. There are a lot of churches, even smaller and hidden ones, that you can visit in Rome. St. Peter’s Basilica will be probably crowded, but there’s no harm in trying.

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

  • Catacombs

Get underground and escape the rain! Discover the catacombs in Rome, full of mystery and history. Read our post about the most famous ones and get ready, they are really special places.

  • Coffee (or aperitivo)

Go inside a lovely cafè or bar, have a cappuccino in the morning or a good aperitivo in the late afternoon. Rome is also the habits of all the people who live there and Romans (as Italians in general) love sitting and having something to drink. You can find many nice bars especially close to Piazza Navona or in Trastevere neighborhood.

There’s always something to do on a rainy day in Rome and its sunsets with post-rain skies are simply breathtaking.

Credits @Bendeckalejandro-Instagram

Airports in Rome: all that you need to know

Your dream has just come true. You have finally planned your holiday in Rome! Now it’s time to book your flight: here you find all the information you need before you fly here.


Rome has two airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino.

Leonardo Da Vinci airport, also known as “Fiumicino”, because it is located in the town of Fiumicino on the coast, is the major port of call for intercontinental as well as european and national flights. It is about 40 kilometers from the city.

G. B. Pastine airport, also known as “Ciampino” from the town name where it is located, is about 25 kilometers from the city center. Flights on smaller, budget or charter carriers land here.




You can take the Leonardo Express, the direct train service for Rome’s main station Termini. The trains run every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the hours, from 6.23 am to 11.23 pm (5.35 am-10.35 pm from Roma Termini) They take about 30 minutes and the cost is €14. There are also local trains from Fiumicino which stops in Rome Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina.


There are many bus lines to Rome Termini station, which are quite cheap (€4-6 one way) For example, Tambus, Sit Bus Shuttle or Terravision.


You can take a white metered taxi: the official fare is €48 baggage included. You can also use “MyTaxi” app, which gives you the opportunity to book and pay online (and you get a €20 voucher for free). Otherwise you can hire a private car service (like NCC). Our guests who book one of our holiday apartments directly has the airport transfer on arrival free of charge.



This is the cheapest way (even the less comfortable one) to get into Rome. With a single €1,50 ticket you can take the local bus to the Anagnina  metro station and then the line A of the metro to arrive to Termini station.


You can take one of the bus lines to Termini station, like Tearravision, Sit Bus Shuttle or Schiaffini. The cost of the ticket is between €4-6 one way.


The easiest way to get into Rome is the white metered taxi. The official fare is €35 one way. You can also use “MyTaxi” app, which gives you the opportunity to book and pay online (and you get a €20 voucher for free). Otherwise you can hire a private car service (like NCC). Our guests who book one of our holiday apartments directly has the airport transfer on arrival free of charge.

Now you only have to enjoy Rome, that will welcome you with beauty, history and a lot of things to do!


Van Gogh Alive-The Experience a Roma, la suggestiva mostra (multimediale) da non perdere

“Non so nulla per certo, ma la vista delle stelle mi fa sognare”.

Van Gogh Alive-The Experience accoglie i visitatori con questa frase: parole che richiamano alla mente una delle opere più celebri del pittore olandese dallo stile inconfondibile, “Notte stellata”. Ma è solo l’inizio di una mostra che ripercorre la vita, i dipinti e gli scritti dell’artista, che grazie a una particolare tecnologia -chiamata SENSORY4™- sembrano quasi prendere vita, accompagnate in sottofondo dalle musiche di Vivaldi, Schubert, Bach, Tobin.


Le immagini, proiettate su schermi giganti, riempiono lo spazio e gli occhi: ritroviamo quell’Olanda che Van Gogh dipingeva con toni scuri e cupi; la vita a Parigi frizzante e colorata, la sua passione per l’arte giapponese. E poi ancora la felicità per la nascita del nipote dall’amato fratello Theo, la sua malattia mentale che si fa sempre più evidente, fino a quel “Campo di grano con Corvi”, emblema dei sentimenti che hanno preceduto i suoi ultimi giorni di vita.

van-gogh-treasurerome-2Immergersi nella bellezza è facile, così com’è semplice farsi avvolgere dai tanti capolavori indimenticabili e dai pensieri del celebre pittore. Per chi lo conosce poco, è un modo per andare alla ricerca degli avvenimenti che ne hanno segnato la vita e l’arte. Per chi lo ama da tempo è un ritorno a casa: si ritrova lo stesso calore e lo stesso piacere che si prova in un luogo caro e familiare.

van-gogh-treasurerome-5Van Gogh Alive-The Experience rimarrà a Roma, presso il Palazzo degli Esami a Trastevere, fino al 26 marzo 2017. Se volete vivere l’arte in modo originale e coinvolgente, è sicuramente una mostra da non perdere, dove il cuore e l’anima si riempiranno di splendore.


“L’amore è eterno; può cambiarne l’aspetto, ma non l’essenza”

Christmas traditions in Rome (and Italy)

The holiday spirit is everywhere, all throughout the country: Christmas is a major festivity in Italy and there are a lot of traditions that make it unique. We call it “Natale”: not only a very important religious feast day, but also a family-centric holiday, a great opportunity to stay at home with all the loved ones.

The Christmas season officially kicks off with the Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, on December 8. Decorations are all around: lights, Christmas trees and nativity scenes both in piazzas, streets and inside homes. There are also Christmas markets, events and a real magic atmosphere. Rome is more charming than ever.

Piazza Venezia (Photo credit: tomasalvarez6916)

Piazza Venezia (Photo credit: tomasalvarez6916)

On Christmas Eve (la Vigilia), we don’t eat meat because we need to purify our bodies. Families have dinner together with vegetables and fish based recipes: like salmon,codfish or shrimps. Someone doesn’t eat anything during the day in order to have dinner earlier and enjoy the evening. After the family dinner, many of us head to midnight Mass at the local church. Many Romans can even go to the Vatican for Mass with the Pope! During the night, Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) brings gifts to children.

Piazza San Pietro (Photo credit: @alessandradisomma)

Piazza San Pietro (Photo credit: @alessandradisomma)

On Christmas Day, we usually spend our time with our family and friends for a lunch that usually goes on the whole day. We eat traditional pasta (like lasagna or pasta in broth), roasted meat and lots of sweets like panettone, pandoro and torrone. Between the lunch and the dinner, we usually play cards or tombola (bingo). We exchange presents and have fun together. Celebrations extend into December 26, with the National holiday of Santo Stefano: lunch, dinner and family time again.


The official end of the Christmas season isn’t until January 6—the Day of the Epiphany: children get sweets (if they have been good during the year) and there are a lot of events for them in Rome.

We love Christmas…And you?

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ” (Norman Vincent Peale)