Rome Like A Local: How To Eat & Drink In The Eternal City

Rome is a city that welcomes people from all over the world. At the same time, it’s a city resistant to change and one that holds steadfast to its traditions. If you want to immerse yourself completely in the customs and atmosphere of the Eternal City during your trip, make like a local with these four tips!

Coffee break

Are you out for a walk? Have you just visited a museum or are you are about to go to St. Peter’s Basilica? Are you waiting for your private Rome tour? Take a quick break with a good espresso coffee! Romans (and Italians in general) like to take a break at the bar in front of a cup of coffee, to relax a little bit before starting their activities or to have a quick chat with someone.

Credits @phillyfoodphotos-Instagram

Let’s celebrate with prosecco

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate, like a birthday or graduation? Are you on a rooftop watching the sunset? Are you out at a wine bar and eager to celebrate your arrival in Rome? Toast to like with a glass of prosecco! You only have to uncork a bottle and toast: in Italian we say “Salute!”, “Alla nostra” or “Cin cin”!

Pizza bianca and mortadella

Do you usually find yourself hungry between breakfast and lunch? Or are you too busy to think about sitting in a good Roman restaurant? Stop at a forno (“oven”) or Roman bar for a quick spuntino (“snack”) like a sandwich of pizza and mortadella! It’s a simple but delicious treat that will see you through to your next meal without making you too full.

Credits @gin_gravante-Instagram

Before going to sleep…

When Romans stay out late drinking at a bar, club or watching a game at the soccer stadium, they end their evening with a sweet cornetto from a late-night “Cornettaro” or pastry shop. It’s a great way to avoid a hangover in the morning and end on a sweet note. Chocolate, cream, or jam – what’s your favorite flavor?

Credits @deviazionidentali-Instagram

And if you want to be sure not to “behave like tourists”, find out the 7 eating habits that make you look like a tourist in Rome!


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