All about Carnival in Rome

One of the most popular festivities in the world, loved both by adults and children. It’s the Carnival, the period of festivities between the Epiphany and the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, which has its climax between Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday (this year on February 8th and 11th respectively).

This festivity, celebrated between sacred and  profane, has a really special tradition: that of wearing masks in an atmosphere of cheerfulness and lightheartedness.

Many events will be organized for the Carnival in Rome and you’ll also have the chance to taste the delicious “fried Carnival pastries“.

Carnival in Rome, the fried pastries

You know that the magical atmosphere of the Carnival is here when frappe and castagnole make their appearance in the bakeries in Rome.

carnival in rome

The first ones have a rectangular shape, they are fragrant and crunchy, made by frying the dough (but there are also those who prepare them in the oven, for a lighter result ) and then enriched with powdered sugar or dark chocolate. While the castagnole are balls of pasta, always fried in boiling oil, which are also prepared in other variants (for example with chocolate, coffee, pistachio). These pastries are common in other areas of Italy: the ‘frappe’ are also called in other ways (like ‘chiacchiere’ or ‘cenci’).

Carnival in Rome, the events

Masquerade parties, fashion shows, events and concerts: there are several occasions to celebrate the Carnival in Rome. Parades and parties for children have been organized in different neghborhoods of the city and in its surroundings, while in discos and clubs you can enjoy masquerade balls. There is obviously no lack of initiatives for the little ones such as, for example, the special activities at the Bioparco of Rome. For all the events in Rome you can check this link.

carnival rome


If you want to celebrate Carnival even outside Rome,  you can choose among the most famous festivals in Italy like the ones that will take place in Venice, Ivrea and Viareggio. Have a look at this link!


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