How To Buy Bus Tickets In Rome

Rome is a city best explored by foot but if you don’t have enough time to wander around, you can take the metro (lines A, B and C) or you can catch the bus or the tram.

How to buy tickets Rome-TreasureRome blog Ticket cost €1,50 and are active for 100 minutes from validation, or for one metro ride (but you can use it for buses after the metro within that time period) on urban routes. Tickets are also valid on regional trains: Trenitalia (2nd class only), Roma-Lido, Termini-Centocelle and Roma-Viterbo (urban route)They must be validated once on buses and trams (the are machines are near the doors) and if you take the metro, you use it to go through the turnstile once.

Although there are self service machines at every metro station you can’t buy a ticket on the bus. So where else can you purchase them?

  • At a Tabaccheria (Tobacco shops). Look for the large “T” and you’ll realize you can find a tabaccheria almost everywhere in Rome. They sell a variety of things like cigarettes, sweets, souvenirs, stamps and tickets. Here you can buy a single ticket or multiple single tickets: you can also reload a monthly pass (abbonamento).
  • At an Edicola (kiosk). Here you can buy newspapers and tickets. Like the tabaccheria, it’s easy to find it around the city.
  • How to buy tickets Rome-TreasureRome blog On an app: there’s a good one called “MyCicero” to use with a credit card. It’s really  useful because you don’t need to find a shop or change your money.
  • At ATAC, the Rome public transportation company ticket offices (you can also check its site for further information on routes).

If you are planning to experience all that Rome can offer, you can also get a 24, 48 and 72 hours passes.

How to buy tickets Rome-TreasureRome blog

Tickets and passes

Enjoy Rome and don’t forget to buy your tickets!


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