Rome in November

Silver and yellow. These are the colors of Rome in November. The autumn is in all its splendor and starts making promises that probably can’t always keep, like being colder or grayer than October. The sun often shines and everything seems to be still so alive. And yes, it usually rains. So don’t forget your umbrella!


You can breath Rome, the scent of its beauty and magnificence because it is less engaged by showing its grace to tourists, who are not as many as the previous months. You can taste the new wine with chestnuts, go to one exhibition to another or choose among a great offer of plays and movies in theatres and cinemas. Otherwise you can also opt for live music and concerts in clubs or for a candlelight dinner.

(Photo credit: @gianlucaj-Instagram)

(Photo credit: @gianlucaj-Instagram)

There’s a pleasantly crisp air all around: Rome’s most famous monuments and fountains are brighter than ever. Dark nights are introduced by breathtaking sunsets. And when the Eternal City is covered with Christmas lights and decorations, around the end of the month, it becomes absolutely amazing!

Photo credit: @vzzncl-Instagram

Photo credit: @vzzncl-Instagram

November is a month full of opportunities for all the people who want to visit Rome and enjoy its magic atmosphere: choose the ones that suit you best!  


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