When Art meets people. Tor Marancia, a (Roman) story of beauty and authenticity

Rome can tell a lot of stories. It’s easy for a city that has such a great past and continue surprising the world with its Eternal soul.

Today we want to tell you a contemporary story, which only has a couple of years. It takes place in Tor Marancia, a neighborhood close to the more famous Eur. There’s a built up area of council houses, which were erected a the beginning of the Fifties in order to restore it to a healthy condition, that is now celebrating a second life.


“Shanghai” (the ancient name of this area) by Caratoes.

Tor Marancia is a stunning open air museum thanks to the “Big City Life” Project, which brought International street artists in Rome. They spent some time in that special neighborhood, They had lunch with the Romans who live there. They were a big family for a while. Traditions, inspirations and passion are on those walls: a human and artistic experience which left a deep mark.


“Il bambino redentore” by Seth

This paint is dedicated to a child who used to live in Tor Marancia and was hit by a car while playing with his ball.


“Il peso della storia” by Jaz

"Hic sunt adamentes" by Diamond

“Hic sunt adamentes” by Diamond

“There are diamonds here”. A very strong message for a place which is considered not equal to other neighborhood of the city for economic and social reasons.


“Veni Vidi Vinci” by Lek & Sowat

No mistakes. “Vinci” is a guy with disability who lives in this building.

"Il vento" by Moneyless

“Il vento” by Moneyless

“Il vento” (The wind): a title chosen by a old lady who lives in this building.

We spent two hours surrounded by the authentic Roman atmosphere, looking at the magnificence of Art, breathing joy and real emotions. Thanks to Roma Sparita, that organized this tour, we discovered a lot of nice anedoctes on this project.

Give yourself a really special gift: visit Tor Marancia for an unique experience.


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