Food traditions: Easter in Rome

Easter is coming as well as Spring, which is probably the most beautiful season in Rome. The climate’s warmer and flowers are everywhere. You can eat outside, visit monuments and walk around parks enjoying the city at its highest level.

Easter is the main celebration of this magic season, with its deep religious meaning and its traditions, even for food. From the Palm Sunday, with its ceremonies in various areas of the city and Good Friday, with the “Via Crucis” to the Coliseum walked by the Pope in person, we get to Easter Sunday, which is a day full of joy and delicacies. Romans have their culinary traditions: do you know them?

First of all, breakfast is really peculiar. Forget cappuccino and croissants. After 40 days of Lenten Diet, every member of the family can have a boiled egg, some “Corallina” salami with “Pizza Pasqualina”- which is a sweetish cake-, chocolate eggs- a great classic!- and even some “coratella di abbacchio”, that is lamb offals.


Corallina and Pizza Pasqualina

This is a very rich breakfast but hey, it’s Easter and we have to celebrate, so lunch is as rich as breakfast.

The first course is obviously pasta: fettuccine with ragù. The second is lamb, prepared in different ways, with green salad. The Artichokes in the Roman (with mint and garlic) or in the Jewish style are a must. The Easter lunch ends (in the afternoon, of course) with two main desserts: “colomba di Pasqua” and chocolate eggs.


Colomba di Pasqua

The leftovers can be eaten for dinner or the day after, The Easter Monday or “Pasquetta”, a day dedicated to pic-nics, trips to the lake, the countryside or even to the beach.

We look forward to Easter and Spring time, one of the best Roman moments.


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