Aventine Hill and its hidden gems: a place to discover

Gardens, extraordinary churches and a secret held in a keyhole: the Aventine hill– Colle Aventino in italian- is one of the famous seven hills on which ancient Rome was built.

Garden of Oranges

Garden of Oranges

The first stop is at the Savello Park- its name comes from the Savelli family that had their castle in this area in the fourteenth century- that is also known as Garden of Oranges. It’s a small but very famous park because it affords a spectacular view of monuments and roof tops of the Eternal City. You can also see the “Cupolone” of St. Peter’s Basilica. All the orange trees you find in the Garden were planted in homage to St. Dominic, who founded his monastery here.

Panorama Garden of oranges

The view from the Garden of Oranges

Close to the Garden of Oranges there’s Santa Sabina, which is considered the best example of an early Christian church in Rome and it was given to the Dominican Order during the thirteenth century.

Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina

The Basilica dei Santi Bonifacio e Alessio and the Basilica di Sant’Anselmo are the other two churches you can visit before entering the well-known Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, a beautiful square which keeps a secret.

Villa del Priorato di Malta

Villa del Priorato di Malta

Put your eye to the keyhole of Villa del Priorato di Malta, which hosts the Grand Priory in Rome of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and  the embassy of the Order of Malta to Italy: you’ll see three sovereign states: Italy, Malta and the Vatican City State, because the Cupolone is just in front of you.

The keyhole

The keyhole

There’s no place like…Rome. Definitely.


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