Summer Festival in the City – Lungo Il Tevere

As we mentioned here, along the river Tevere in Rome there’s a refreshing event all summer long, don’t miss it! Here’s some pictures as a teaser – enjoy!

We spent hours at the “chess table”, in the end it was almost as crowded as the restaurants, would you believe it? (A missing black knight was replaced by a giant green bottle for a while, the show must go on!)



Our favourite pub in Testaccio (among the best aperitivo places in Rome), Rec23 this summer hits the festival as well! Check out the great burgers and coctails!



And another hit of this summer, Monti district’s proud, La Crostaceria at Lungotevere! Wow this is seafood heaven!

WP_20150705_009 WP_20150705_010



Vintage shops, bars and concerts, open air cinema on the Tiber Island and much more…


WP_20150705_014 WP_20150705_019  WP_20150705_028 WP_20150705_030


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