The 3 Best Spots in Rome for Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Rome unquestionably is one of the most romantic cities in the world (actually, The One). On the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, here’s our list of 3 sights to visit on a romantic ‘In Love Tour’ plus one special hint!

1. Fontanina degli innamorati “The small fountain of lovers”

fontaninaWhere else to start a romantic tour than the beautiful Trevi Fountain? Make sure you toss a coin for your return in Rome than head to the right external side of the monument, where you find the lovers’ fountain, a rectangular marble basin without any particular sign. The legend says Roman soldiers before leaving the city for service came here with their sweethearts to swear eternal faithfullness by drinking from the water together then breaking the glass. The virgin water “acqua vergine” assured they would never forget about Rome and their love left behind. So follow the tradition, drink from the water of faithful love with your loved one!

2. Ponte degli innamorati “Lovers’ bridge”

milvio lucchettiThe story of the lovers’ bridge is a with or without you for the City of Rome. It started ten years ago with a cult novel of Federico Moccia, Tre metri sopra il cielo where the couple attaches a padlock on a metal bar of the bridge then throws the key in the Tiber as the demonstration of their unbreakable love. Locals and tourists made a tradition of it, transforming the ancient bridge to the living testimony of Everlasting Love – until, as the City hall declared, the massive iron weight and rust of the thousands and thousands of locks started to cause serious damages to the stone structure. Despite the removal of the love locks in 2012 the Milvian Bridge remains one of the most romantic spots for the couples, especially at sunset! Lovers, on the other hand, became very creative in finding other sights around the city to clip their padlocks on.

3. Vicolo degli Innamorati “The path of lovers”

zodiaco1Getting here is quite tricky with public transportation but, without doubt worth the hassle. Monte Mario’s 139mt height, named Lo Zodiaco, offers a breathtaking view over the Eternal City and the Roman Castles area. There’s no more romantic place to be after sunset, looking at the starred sky holding your loved one close… and take a walk on the path of lovers. In the Monte Mario Park you can also visit the Astronomical Observatory.

+1 Special Around-Trip Chiesa degli Innamorati & Ristorante delgi innamorati

About an hour drive from Rome you can visit the Church of Saint Valentine, la Basilica di San Valentino in Terni. Saint Valentine, bishop and saint patron of the city of Terni (Interamna), died as martyr in Rome as the patron of young lovers on 14th February 273. If you choose to visit the basilica of lovers, on the way back to Rome you may choose to stop at the unique Solo per due Restaurant, which has its particularity in having but one table for two! A complete restaurant for the sole two of you, is there anything more romantic than that? Of course, reservation is a must.twofinger

Most importantly, being in Rome, or anywhere else in the world – let love be all around you every day of the year!


Rome By Night – Friends, Secrets and Double Cream!

Ever wondered if there’s something cool and authentic to do between 1.00 and 5.00 am in the Eternal City? Sure you did! 🙂 In fact, there is something the books hardly write about. Since you are here, you’re not a common visitor (virtually or not) in Rome but a friend. And between friends there are no secrets, or better, they share them. We’re gonna share one with you now; the Authentic, Delicious Secret of the Roman Nights!

Campo-de-Fiori-at-night-photo-by-Kwong-Yee-Cheng-on-flickrThere are numerous valid reasons to find yourself wondering the cobblestoned streets of the Eternal City at, let’s say 2.00am. Such as a romantic Rome by night walking tour on an early summer night… An event with friends, like a concert at the Auditorium, a football match at the Stadio Olimpico, or a night out in a club around Testaccio.
Whatever the reason is, it’s 2.00am (or maybe 4.00 am if from Testaccio) and you’re heading to bed – now we give you 3 reasons why not to (yet).

Actually, the reason is only one. It’s called “cornetteria notturna“.cornetteria12 After a night out you may feel a very reasonable craving. You’re right, it’s not exactly feel reasonable but more becomes an extreme priority at that point – that’s why Romans have mastered to perfection the art of late night snacks in these special Labs of Temptation. They are open only at night with an intense perfume of freshly baked pastries that enchants everyone already as gets close to the entrance. Before heading home for locals is a must-stop, and highly reccommended for you too!

Remember the italian breakfast? They are the cornetti you’ll prefer for your perfect colazione, only at night they are much better! 7321764202_41f6162d12_zRecharge your sugar level and your mood with a hot, spongy, puffy cornetto, flat or filled with delicious cream, nutella, marmalade; or with a maritozzo, the tipical Roman sweet bun filled with whipped cream…! What can be better than a warm, soft, fragrant sweet pastry with a hot caffelatte at late night in a small cornetto lab, sharing the passion with your fellow night wanderers – because be aware, the best places are always full and busy with chocolate-signed faces, overpacked to-go bag carriers hurrying away with their treasure, happy child-smiles highlighted in the neon lights – just like yours!

Well, as the best ones, the masters of night cornetto worth gold to know, here you are three of our favourite addresses near the center!

Pasticceria Lambiase a.k.a.5838462813_bf56b34ca8_mIl Sorchettaro” via Cernaia, 49
Near to Piazza Repubblica and Porta Pia the cosy underground night baker patisserie, Il Sorchettaro as locals name the place, is the cornetteria notturna par excellence in Rome. Speciality is la sorchetta a doppio schizzo, a danish roll with whipped cream and chocolate topping. What to say? Got to get one. Or two… Now!

Dolce Maniera, Via Barletta,27
Near the Vatican City, always busy night place, not only sweet pastries but pizza, focaccia and panini. Crowded in front and inside, an underground tiny lab with all the delicacies of the cornetto-world. To try and to return, the “bomba” (doughnut) with chocolate filling is the most effective calory boost diet killer that exists in the entire world.

Il Cornettone, via Oderisi da Gubbio, 215
The biggest choice of cornetti you can ever imagine, always full of hungry groups, busy and loud, the must place to go after a night of clubbing and dancing with friends and if by car don’t be impressed to park in 4th line, it’s just the normality.