Christmas Stand-Off: Panettone vs. Pandoro

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas holidays is an excellent period to visit the Eternal City: life slows down, there’s time for long afternoon walks on the festive streets of the historical center full of lights and magic… here’s a really cool guide for things to do and see around.

And as for the Christmas Derby? In the Italian households it’s also time for the eternal debate of the season – Pandoro or Panettone? pandoropanettone

The two traditional Chrismas cakes are both sweet and spongey, though they are able to cause lively discussions on which to purchase for the family dinner. It’s a tough one, pros and cons on both sides – let’s see if you can pick a favourite!

flickr.comPandoro, “golden bread” has its origins in the beautiful Verona. Shaped usually like an 8 pointed star, it’s an elegant dessert on the Christmas table. Sliced accordingly, horizontally, it maintains the form and can also be re-assembled putting various fillings between the slices. Light texture, simple, delicious cake with sweet vanilla profume… Just perfect.

Beloved by children because of the nice interactive touch – you take out from the box the bag with the Pandoro in it and beside you find a small pocket of vanilla icing sugar. You pour it in the big bag, close the top and shake the bag until the sugar powder covers all the sweet cake. It’s really fun!

Curiosity: as reported in the wikipedia article, Pandoro was also the last meal eaten by Mussolini before his execution.

flickr.comPanettone, “large bread” or “Toni’s cake” is the traditional Christmas holiday cake for excellence originally from Milan. Shaped like a cupola, or like a high puffy muffin, inside with dried raisins and candied fruits: orange, lemon usually. The top can either be plain, or covered with icing and almond slices or with chocolate. For dinner with a glass of dessert wine or for breakfast with a hot tea… sweet indulgence.

Candied fruits – love or despise, that’s your call. Character, structure, masculine delight are the distinctive elements of Panettone, a popular cake not only in Italy but in Latin American countries as well.

Haven’t decided yet? The perfect solution is definitely to purchase both and alternate the slices, or also try the many variants of these sweet temptations! Chocolate filling, vanilla cream filling, chocolate on top, almonds on top… Afterall, there’s still plenty of time til’ Christmas and New Year’s Eve, isn’t there?



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