Hidden Rome Gems – Breathcatching Attractions You’d Hardly Hear About

We’d love to share with you insights on archeological sites and other secret spots you’d probably not have picked on your first (/ second / third) visit to the Eternal City – until now!

Time to go personal – Agnes was so full of ideas about hidden gems that we needed to split the list and schedule in several parts. She’s the one madly&lost in love with the underground Rome (Roma sotterranea, Archeologia Ipogea). agicaEvery single weekend she puts her boots, her safety helmet with the torch on and adventures around in narrow caves, aqueducts, dark-as-hell tombs on hands and knees in the mud… you know, the kind of activity that makes you feel in flow with the world and after which back at home all dirty and tired you have that ear-to-ear simle all day. That’s how she feels and we’re always keen to see the pictures 🙂

So this is her list of Ancient Rome Must See – first part.

Domus Valentini

Palazzo Valentini is situated few steps away from the Piazza Venezia – Via del Corso hub, in via IV Novembre, 119/a and most likely during your stay in Rome you pass by at least twice a day. The palace, headquarters of the Province of Rome, with security guards at the entrance is not a walk-in site. The 90 minute guided tour (groups in limited number) must be booked in advance, nice touch that if you purchase RomaPass this can be one of the two free museum admissions included! Everything about booking tickets, opening hours and prices here.

Surprising, exciting, it’s a kinda magic. We heard a lot about it before going but didn’t really expected what we got – left speechless. Well deserved the Traveller’s Choice Award of TripAdvisor 2013.

The remains of two Roman domus from Imperial Era belonged to powerful families of the time. The buildings were in fact embellished with mosaics – ridimensionaone of these is made up of more than 500,000 pieces! -, walls and floors decorated in polychrome marble.The modern glass stairs above the original ones have already extraordinary effect while you walk down beneath the palace, seems like walking directly on the ancient paths…

What makes though the difference here compared to other archaeological sites?

The “being there” experience! With multimedia techniques all becomes real, you can almost touch and feel the history through virtual reconstructions , graphics and movies. About 1800 square meters of extension will be “reborn” thanks to computer graphics – walls, rooms, peristyle, spas, salons, decorations, kitchens, furniture – you’ll have it all walking through the virtual tour. As you listen the tourguide voice, accordingly, different parts of the rooms get illuminated, guiding your eyes and helping the reconstruction of the domus. Hard to transmit the goosebumps but don’t worry you’ll feel that for sure 🙂

valentini 2valentini


BeTreasure tip: if you have over 6 year old kids, take them with you to the visit, you’ll be surprised how much they will enjoy it!

If you feel this was just an appetizer about the attractions of the Ancient Rome we have in store for you – you’re right! We’re so not finished yet – check back for the next episode of the series.

Til’ then be safe and #BeTreasure!


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