How To Drink Coffee In Rome

caffe-espressoSe il buongiorno si vede dal mattino – that is, if you judge a day from how is the morning, it just definitely will be a fantastic day if started with a coffee in your favourite bar in Rome! (If you don’t have a favourite yet, don’t worry – tips below)

Coffee… what else?

No matter for how long you happen to belong in Rome, a day, a year, a lifetime… coffee is one of the things that make you feel connected and Italian from the very first moment you arrive.

So, let’s wake up! Prendiamo un caffe!

First step: pick a bar. There are countless bars in the city center and out of it (basically on every corner).  The barista will greet you but you may be asked to pay first at the cashier’s desk.

Hint: It’s more likely you’ll have a good, strong coffee if you arrive at least 30 minutes after the bar opening.The coffee machine needs some time and several coffees before it gets to its best.

Second step: order. Having a coffee is not just a single action in Italy, it’s a rite – therefore has its rules. Be sure to follow them!

Hint: For breakfast you may choose a cornetto (sweet pastry) as well, and there you go – it’s the complete Italian colazione, just like Romans do!

Third step: be social! While having your coffee standing at the bar counter chitchat with the barista and/or with the people around. You’ll love the feeling of being involved! Yes, you’ll have to use your Italian knowledge and no, it’s absolutely not a problem if it’s few words only. Maybe you’ll want to try with some news about the space?

Hint: This way the second time you walk in the same bar the barista will greet you personally, ask your name and next time you’ll be a regular. Welcome home!

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy! Now, that’s what we call a decent wake up 🙂

Be Treasure! hint:

According to most classifications of the past years on bars and coffee in Rome, the Best Coffee Award belongs to Caffé Sant’Eustachio in piazza di Sant’Eustachio near the Pantheon.

panella-86-251For us, the perfect breakfast place is La Panella – the Art of Bread, in via Merulana.  Whether inside, in the warmth of magical Panella-world or outside, at the small tables beside the ruins of a Roman theatre, ask for a cappuccino and make sure it comes “con cremina”. With that sweet secret speciality we challenge you it will be the Best Cappuccino You’ve Ever Had!

Share your favourite places for coffee or breakfast, we’d love to hear yours!